SiGe, Ge & Related Compounds: Materials, Processing and Devices


The 11th International SiGe, Ge, & Related Compounds: Materials, Processing and Devices Symposium will be one Symposium of the 246th ECS Meeting. This meeting will provide a forum for reviewing and discussing materials and device related aspects of SiGe, Ge, and Related Compounds. There are 10 areas of interest:

1. Heterojunction Bipolar Transistors

2. FET Technology

3. Optoelectronics 

4. Epitaxy

5. Emerging Applications & Quantum Computing

6. Process and Integration .

7. Strain Engineering

8. Surfaces and Interfaces

9. Related Compounds

10. Metrology & Characterization

Evening Panel Session

A Panel of experts will discuss issues related to a topic in SiGe, Ge, or Related Compounds

This Symposium is dedicated to the memory of Qizhi Liu, the former chairman of that symposia series, who passed away in February 2023. In his honor, the student award will be named the “Qizhi Liu student award”.

Download the brochure here!Welcome_files/2024%20SiGe%20Brochure%20-%20Dec%202023%20pre-announcement.pdf
Abstract due April 12, 2024

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